Neighborhood Dining in Petaluma’s Riverfront Warehouse District.

The Steps for Opening your Restaurant

There is a traditional marketing scheme for opening a restaurant:

  • market analysis;
  • search for an unoccupied niche;
  • entering the niche and working in it.

How Much Cash is Required for Opening a Cafe?

Here everything depends on the tasks that you set for yourself.

Approximate amount of money: the construction and equipment of the restaurant cost the customer from $ 850 to $ 1500 per square meter of the area, including all commercial, economic and other premises. Adding to this figure the cost of purchasing the premises itself, it can be summarized that the sum of all expenses for an average size (an area of about two hundred square meters) restaurant is about $ 400.000. If you do not have enough money for starting a business you are welcome to get a speedy loan online. It is an affordable affair in case if you have some start-up capital and only some part of it is absent.

The payback period of a restaurant is usually from 1 to 5 years.Open Your Restaurant

First Steps to Arrange

Find out where you can get a suitable space, building or square of ground. It is the location of the restaurant that often influences its concept.

On the other hand, having a premise in the center, at the intersection of transport and pedestrian routes, it is not always profitable to open an elite institution with exquisite cuisine and expensive dishes. It would be much more appropriate to have a democratic restaurant that relies on turnover.

If you want to build a copy of a restaurant that you especially liked somewhere abroad, such a “restaurant of your dreams”, then try to gradually refuse yourself from this idea. In another case, you will become bankrupt.

The age of the restaurant is short, 3-5 years. It is necessary to master the art of retaining a client, because, according to the restaurateurs, if the client comes for the third time, then you can already congratulate yourself.


First, analyze the market. Then – your opportunities. If you want to open some unearthly cuisine from the island of mumbo-jumbo, then who will provide you with an interpreter for the chief cook? And who will give a guarantee that this is a chef of high class, and not a deceiver, who at home, at best, washed dishes in the dining room? Where to get fresh seafood, as well as vegetables all year round for Italian cuisine?

As for the needs of the market, today a quality restaurant with any cuisine will be a success because the market is not overcrowded. Additionally, the only dissatisfied remark of a foreigner who knows his own cuisine is not hearsay and your reputation is broken. But the foreigner will taste the local cuisine with pleasure, and the domestic consumer will not react to his discontented replies.


It is believed that in a medium-priced restaurant, for example, six types of hot dishes from meat, six from fish and three to four from poultry, are enough.

There should be a greater number of dishes in the menu of the expensive restaurants. This is done so that an inexperienced client does not get confused in the dishes.

All sorts of low-calorie menus are very popular all over the world. We must not forget that the main consumers of such dishes are women (and then not all), which, according to observations, make up no more than 30% of restaurant visitors. The menu should be focused on the maximum profitability of the restaurant and regularly get rid of the ballast of not in demand dishes.


In the restaurant, the bar gives up to 40% of daily revenue.

The bar regulars never bother to change their seats at the bar for a table in the hall. The bar includes everything, from the domestic classics and ending with imported delights.

The opening of the restaurant begins with a desire. If a person just wants to make money, he will not succeed. The future owner must decide whether to buy it with an already promoted brand or create his own. For the beginner, the first option is preferable. In addition, the restaurant needs to be built exactly as many years as it is supposed to be. Just like your apartment, which you change all the time, while you live there.